> ---> 5000 हजार रूपये में छपवायें सबसे सस्ता ई पुस्तक............ शोध-ऋतु अंतर्राष्ट्रीय तिमाही शोध पत्रिका में विद्वानों,अतिथियों,शोधार्थियों का स्वागत हैं | >>>>>आलेख आमंत्रित हैं |>>>>>फॉण्ट-कृति देव-१०, १४ यूनिकोड,वर्ड फाइल>>>>>अंक 18 डाउनलोड करने के लिए निम्न LETEST ISSUE लिंक पर चटकारा लगायें >>>>> ईमेल shodhrityu78@yahoo.com>>>>> ९४०५३८४६७२

प्रकाशन नीति

Publication Policy

*    The articles / research papers will be published only after the approval of referees as shodh-Rityu Quarterly journal  (jan-april-july- oct) referred Journal.
*    The contributors must furnish a declaration stating that “the research paper/article has not been published so far, will not send elsewhere for publication and the same is an original work of the contributor(s)”.
  • Authorship should be limited to those who have made a significant contribution to the reported study.
  • The text, illustrations and any other materials included in the manuscript do not infringe upon any existing copyright or other rights of anyone.
  • There is ‘No conflict of interest’, regarding this manuscript.
  • The manuscript does not have any plagiarism.
  • The decision of the Editorial board regarding the publication of manuscript will be final.
  • The Editorial board has full right to reject the manuscripts without assigning any reason.
  • The copyright of articles vests in the Journal of Political Science who would be free to reproduce them in any compilation/edited volumes.
  • The views expressed in the manuscripts are exclusive author’s responsibility and are not to be attributed to the reader, editorial board, and advisory board.
  • For any litigation/dispute regarding this manuscript for what so ever reason, the author will be exclusively responsible.